Here is the copyright for all good reason for our community. If you don't follow the rules and conditions, your account will be deleted.
We are giving you a regulation for you to enjoy this service without any inconvenience.
If you don’t agree on this your ID will be eliminated and you will have some disadvantages.

1. Copyright Infringement

(1) Posting the contents without the permission of the owner.
(2) Liking or taking other’s data without their permission from other websites.
(3) Spreading or sharing illegally copied serial key.
(4) Suggesting illegal sharing sites and spreading the sites.
(5) Infringing other’s copyrights, trademark rights and design rights etc.

2. Defamation of character

(1) Infringing portrait right by posting others’ photos and videos without their permission.
(2) Harming and abusing specific groups and individuals.
(3) Swearing or profaning other’s character using vulgar expressions.

3. Obscene Contents

(1) Describing of explicit sexual activity and sexual organs by using sexual jargon and vulgarity.
(2) Describing, in detail, sexual organs and nipples.
(4) Describing children and adolescents as a sexual feature.
(5) Promotion and recommendation for prostitutes.
(6) Description of sex crimes.
(7) Link for lechery site or harmful information and their promotion
(8) Something which makes the public feel ashamed sexually by a socially accepted idea.

4. Demoralization and Violation for Social Order

(1) Describing violation on children, women and minorities, and making its behavior beautiful.
(2) Describing crime and making its behavior beautiful.
(3) Describing suicide or recommending it.
(4) Describing disgusting things like dead bodies and human body secretions.
(5) Describing antisocial behavior such as sexual violence and taking drugs, and making the behaviour beautiful.
(6) Demoralising specific achievements and infringing others’ honour.
(7) Profaning others’ character and making them feel offended too much by using abusive language or verbal abuse.
(8) Describing cruelty to animals and recommending it.
(9) Spreading fallacy which can cause a social chaos.
(10) Including contents which are not accepted socially.

5. Others

(1) Disturbing other member’s use of the service by posting contents which are unavailable.
(2) Disturbing other members intentionally.
(3) Pretending to be an admin or manager of the site.
(4) Threatening to disturb the normal service.
(5) Infringement of terms and conditions and the regulations which the company set down as basic rules.