Q1. What is "enjoyKpop"?
A. enjoyKpop is a global Kpop SNS platform, sharing interests in Kpop with people all around the world, enjoying battles, and gaining popularity from others.
Q2. How do I log into my enjoyKpop account?
A. "You can easily log in via your Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts. You are able to log in after inputting your ID/PW on the pop-up window if you already have an account."
Q3. How do I register with enjoyKpop?
A. You can use our service after registering with us via the sign up page.
Q4. How do I cancel SNS account connections?
A. Settings> My account> You can cancel SNS account connections in "Account connection settings".
Q5. How do I delete my enjoyKpop account?
A. Settings> My account> You can delete your account in "Delete account".
Q6. How can I change my password?
A. Go to Settings> My account> Password. You can then change your password.
Q7. How do I edit my profile?
A. Settings> My account> You can edit your information in "Profile".
Q8. How do I check my sent/received messages?
A. "Settings> My messages> Sent messages in ""Outbox"".Settings> My messages> Received messages in ""Inbox"". "
Q9. How do I turn off push notifications?
A. Settings> My account> You can edit push notifications in "Email notifications".
Q10. How do I upload contents?
A. "You can upload photos and videos.Photos can be uploaded via a Facebook account, or can be imported from a Facebook photo album.Videos can be uploaded via a Youtube account, or can be imported from a Youtube video album. "
Q11. How do I edit and delete my contents that I uploaded?
A. "Settings for uploaded contents> You can edit and delete contents in your 'My content' page.However, the videos on battle cannot be edited or deleted."
Q12. What is the number of like on your contents?
A. "This number is the number of likes that other members have given you by clicking the ""Like"" button on your contents.The more likes you get from people, the higher your ranking will be."
Q13. What is the number of vote?
A. "This number is the number of votes that you received from other members clicking the 'Vote' button, whilst you were battling with your video.The more votes you get from people, the higher your ranking will be. These votes also influence your points on enjoyKpop"
Q14. How do I have a battle?
A. "When you have uploaded your video, click on the battle box and select which battlefield that you would like to participate in. After this you will be taken into the battle waiting room.Battle begins when you get a challenge from others, or when you select an opponent on the waiting list."
Q15. How do I win a battle?
A. "Winner should receive more votes than their opponent on the battle. Let your followers and other SNS friends know your battle news, and ask them to vote for you in order for you to have more of a chance to win."
Q16. I lost the battle even though the number of votes were even?
A. When the number of votes are even, the person who made the battle challenge wins.
Q17. How do I vote on a battle?
A. "You can vote for your favourites on the ongoing battle page. You can see who you have voted for by going to My profile> Battle> ""Voted battle"" page."
Q18. How do I obtain a badge?
A. "You can earn a badge when you complete a specific mission for each badge.Check out the missions available and go earn the badges."
Q19. Why didn't I receive any badge even though I was ranked this week's/month's no.1?
A. "This week's badge is given on Mondays for members who were the most active.This month's badge is given on the first of every month for members who were the most active."
Q20. I want to raise my ranking.
A. "By getting more points than other members, you can raise your ranking.Points are the total number of likes on your contents, votes on your BATTLES, how many followers you have, and the badges that you have received."
Q21. How can I show my feed to my followers?
A. My profile> You can tell your followers for Feed Page.
Q22. How do I tell my followers my news?
A. If someone follows you, they will be able to see your publications in their My profile> Feed page.
Q23. How do I unfollow a specific person?
A. On the My profile> Followers page you can unfollow someone by clicking the 'Following' button beside the name of that person.